design studio studioGRAM Michele Rosso
Michele Rosso

Creator of new ideas and solutions to impending problems.

Since my first job as a freelancer I always wanted to follow the project from initial research to final implementation. I think that knowing how to design means being able to immerse yourself completely in that context and know how to develop it entirely, taking care of both practical and aesthetic aspects, to give a real face to what is being achieved.

What I do
  • Industrial design
  • Product engineering
  • Graphic design
  • 3D modeler
  • 2D designer
  • 3D animation
  • Graphic interface design
  • Corporate and product image design
design studio studioGRAM Alessandro Giuliano
Alessandro Giuliano

Puzzle sorter during innovative ideas developement.

I have followed projects in various fields, from clothing to fiber optic networks, to the development of electronic prototypes in motorsport and hydroponic cultivation. Different experiences, but united by the desire to add value to products or services, through customer-oriented brand strategy.

What I do
  • Website
  • Market analysis
  • Brand development
  • Testimonial strategy
  • Crowdfunding
  • Arduino prototyping